Terms of Service

Terms of Service for the Websoftitnepal.com

There is some Terms of Service of the websoftitnepal.com website for all the visitor and customers.

Welcome to www.websoftitnepal.com. Please take a moment to review the Terms of service, which have been created to ensure the best community experience for all the member visitor of Websoft IT Nepal.

As a user of Websoft IT Nepal website www.websoftitnepal.com , No one will not engage in any of the following:

Illegal activity or advocating of illegal activity on the website.

You are not permitted violation of a person’s right to privacy or compromising a member’s privacy.

You do not use Harassment or hateful expression toward any group or individual

You are not allowed exploitation of a minor, or invitation to communication with a minor for this website. Any violation of intellectual property are not allow.

Activity that harms websoftitnepal.com or any of its members are not allows to do this.

We do not permit the following for writing the term and materials.

Photos and Videos:

Any defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, or violent material are not supported by Websoft IT Nepal website.

 All the Blogs and forums, including blog and article comments

No any Negative personal attacks or comments about another member’s personal characteristics.

Defamation or attacks against a group of people or an individual.

Behavior interfering with respectful discussion on our forums and boards.

You are not allowed copying of other members’ posts without permission or acknowledgment in the Websoft IT Nepal website.

There is  a using code or other means to upload visually disruptive content Websoft IT Nepal website.

There is a solicitation to promote commercial websites, products and services for the Websoft IT Nepal website.

Website is not give permission to get public information about website users, employees, or public figures. Only the some rights are available for author of Websoft IT Nepal website.

Now at editor at Websoft it Nepal website  reserves the right to add and make changes to these rules in times to times. Please visit us from time to time to be aware of any changes on the future times. i want to thanks all the group  of this website.

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