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Basic SHOUTcast
32 Kbps Streaming
100 Listners
Unlimited Bandwidth
1GB Auto DJ Space
Business SHOUTcast
48 Kbps Streaming
1000 Listners
Unlimited Bandwidth
1GB Auto DJ Space
Pro SHOUTcast
64 Kbps Streaming
1500 Listners
Unlimited Bandwidth
1GB Auto DJ Space
Advanced SHOUTcast
64 Kbps Streaming
2000 Listners
Unlimited Bandwidth
10GB Auto DJ Space
    1. What is Shoutcast Online Radio?
      1. SHOUTcast Online Radio hosting is a streaming audio solution which permits anyone to broadcast audio to listeners across the internet. You basically become your own radio station, but instead of broadcasting through radio waves, you broadcast through the internet.
    2. What is AutoDJ ?
      1. The AutoDJ is a system created by WHMSonic for you. Shoutcast radio cannot play music alone, it requires an autodj if you are not going to stream music from your computer. You can simply upload some mp3 files by using playlist manager and setup an autodj for your mp3 files. It will play music and stream to your radio, so your listeners can listen to your radio any time.
    3. How do I stream from my computer ? Live Stream ?
      1. It is very easy with WHMSonic, you need a stream program installed on your computer. We recommend winamp. You will need shoutcast DSP plugin for your winamp software to stream. Download both winamp and DSP plugin from the following links and install them on your computer. Winamp: www.winamp.com and DSP plugin from http://www.shoutcast.com/broadcast-tools bottom of the page. You will need to enter your radio IP and radio password + radio port on the DSP program, you can find the required information on your software WHMSonic >> List-Manage My Radios page. Configure the encoder settings and start playing music with your winamp, click connect button on dsp plugin to stream.
    4. How people can listen to my radio ?
      1. After you start to stream from your computer or autodj, you can click “Create Player Links” from the left menu of your WHMSonic panel, you will need to put that links on your website or you can share the standart listening url which is http://live.websoftitnepal.com:radioport/listen.pls your listeners or friends can listen to your radio with the above url by using winamp.
    5. What is Internal Radio Creation?
      1. Internal radio creation means, you can create radios for existing cPanel accounts on the server who are using current your hosting services on the server.
    6. What is External Radio Creation?
      1. External radio creation allows you to create radios for clients who dont need hosting services but need only radio services. With external radio creation feature, you can only create a radio for a client. The client will control their radio with their cpanel login username and password without any hosting features, they will see only their WHMSonic panel on the cPanel side.


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